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Case Sensative
Rats are at epidemic
proportions in the Southern
California area.

Keeping rat populations
under control in and around
your home or business is
important to ensure a safe
living and working
environment for you, your
family and pets.
Inspect The Structure
Inspect The Attic Space
Seal all Exterior Entry Points
Crawl Under and Seal Kitchen
Place Traps in Attic & Under
Service Traps by Appointment
Concentrate on Durability
Be Mindful of Esthetics
Green Check-9
We Prep. Your Home
Install Plastic Walls & Floors
Remove Contaminated Insulation
Vacuum Rodent Feces
Re-Install R-30 Pink Insulation
Sanitize Attic Space
Wipe Down Ducting
Wipe Down Mechanical Equipment

Dangers of Rats living with humans

Commensal rodents (Rodents living among humans) have posed a huge problem for people throughout history, rats have always lived around human populations and have not always been good for humans.  In 13th century Europe, rat fleas carrying the bubonic plague caused the deaths of over twenty five million humans..

Today rats living with humans are no more than a nuisance, but still cause billions of dollars in damage to food and structures each year.  Rats destroy stored food and crops, when in a structure they destroy insulation and chew on wires  It is estimated that 30% of all structure fires in the United States are caused by rodents chewing on wires.

Rats living in a structure will typically head to the upper levels of the building and construct nests to rear their young.  By doing this they are destroying your attic space.  Left unchecked for any period of time, rats will fill your attic space with feces, and soak the wood beams and insulation with urine.

Rat feces and rat urine, smells and causes bacteria to grow and spread to the lower parts of the structure, where you live, sleep and eat.  The bacteria laden rat feces  dry up in the attic space, and break down in to tiny particles that fall through cracks or ceiling penetrations and become airborne, where you and your family will breathe it in.

Having your home rat proofed is not enough to solve the rat problem, you must clean out the rat feces.  If left behind the rat feces will continue to smell and attract exterior rats to your home, where rats at night will crawl on your roof and create access points and get back in.

Sometimes the rats will make their way in to the living space and get in to your food and crawl all over the counters leaving invisible droplets of rat urine.  If you don't see the rat urine on your counter top and start prepping your food, there is a good chance you are also eating rat urine.

If you feed your pets in the house then the rats are sitting in your pets food and water dish leaving urine and feces that your dog or cat will ingest and could make your family pet sick.  If you hear noises in ceiling or walls don't dismiss it, take action before the rat problem gets worse, you can give us a call, we will provide a free inspection and evaluation to determine if you do have rats living in your home. 
American Rat Control Inc. will upon completion of the inspection give you a free no obligation quote on sealing up all the holes used by rats to gain entry in the structure. If you approve the job, we will begin the rodent trapping process. We will place rat traps in the attic space, sub-area and any other location in the structure to ensure quick removal of rodents.

We will then schedule a time for the rodent proofing crew to come and seal up the holes.  When we rodent proof a structure we concentrate on making sure the hole is sealed so the rats cannot get back in and at the same time we concentrate on esthetics, we will not make your home look bad.

We take pride in our work, we use up to date construction techniques and construction materials that are meant for the structure we are working on. Our service technicians have many years experience at rodent proofing structures, and know what they are doing. American Rat Control Inc. guarantees our work.
Sub-Vent Before
Sub-Vent After
Sub-Vent Before
Sub-Vent After
After the structure has been completely sealed up and all rats removed, we can clean up all the rodent feces (Rat Poop) from the attic space. This is a very important part of the over rat control project. The rodent feces must be removed to ensure you and your family are living in a healthy environment.

When rats are in your ceiling (attic space) they are building nests to rear their young and at the same time they are depositing rat poop and leaving rat urine everywhere. The average rodent will deposit 25 droppings in a 24 hour period. That is a lot of rat poop.

The rodent feces will eventually dry up and become brittle and turn to a fine dust that will fall through cracks or ceiling penetrations and become airborne in your home, where you and your family are breathing it in on a daily basis, this could lead to illness.

Some of the dried up rodent feces will land on your food preparation surfaces where you may ingest it. Also if you have ceiling penetrations in your bedroom, you can be sure rat feces (rat poop) dust is falling down on you while you are sleeping.

Cleaning out the attic space will also help to reduce the chance the rats living just outside in the garden do not smell the rat feces left behind by other rats and be drawn to your home, where they may create holes and get back in.
Cleaning the Attic Space & Removing Contaminated Insulation
New R-30 Insulation Installed and attic Sanitized
J.C. Evans Termite
American Rat Control Inc. Is a professional pest control company specializing in Rat Proofing and Attic Cleaning.  We are a full service rodent control company. 
We control Rats and Mice in and around Structures. 

Our services also include Gopher control, Mole control, Ground Squirrel control and Insect Pest Control.  Call today for a free inspection and evaluation of your home or business 
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